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RYS Alumni Honored

Colombo, Sri Lanka - Three students of the Amal International School in Colombo, Sri Lanka, are coveted recipients of second place in the international ThinkQuest Digital Media competition and won a trip to San Francisco, California, where they will participate in ThinkQuest workshops. The students, Azeez Abubakr, Rehman Abubakr, and Fazal Mohamed are also members of Religious Youth Service (RYS)-Sri Lanka and participated in projects organized by RYS in Chachoengsao, Thailand, and Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Left to right: Azeez Abubakr, Rehman Abubakr, and Fazal Thahir

Religious Youth Service is an esteemed organization which gives opportunities for youths from different communities to work together as one group. These young gentlemen who took part in the RYS programs understood its message about establishing a universal civilization of peace among people of diverse communities. They upheld the precepts of RYS in striving to bring forth concrete changes among communities in all realms of life, including politics, religion, economy, and education. They engaged themselves in the two projects organized in Thailand and Sri Lanka, from which they gained experience about moving without restrictions among different communities. This is a university of experience which took them to great heights of education.

ThinkQuest is an international competition where student teams engage in collaborative, project-based learning to create educational websites. The Sri Lankans' experience elevated their performance above that of other competitors, bringing glory to their school and country.

Rehman: I am very much honored by this gesture. And I hope more people join RYS and help bring more communities together.

Azeez: RYS has contributed much towards my understanding of socializing.

Fazal: I am really thankful to all those who helped us to succeed in this project.

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