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Tales of Love and Service: Stories From the Heart

Tired of being bombarded with news filled with war, conflict, and betrayal?

If you need a break, an inspiring antidote, it's time to read the Tales of Love and Service: Stories From the Heart by John W Gehring. Experience the uplifting stores of people from all backgrounds, religions and countries joining together to become a force for healing and reconciliation. This book offers a powerful antidote to what ails us. Share and practice the lessons that love and service provide as they are available to each of us. Help journey on the path leading to healing and reconciliation that the the author shares from his work in over sixty nati

It is a time to emerge from the chaos with a compass and a map. Tales of Love and Service: Stories from the Heart will show how seekers, volunteers and communities can emerge with accounts of the power of love and service. Read and watch more on the book website.

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